PEN Batteries

Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Current: 3A
Output voltage: 3 level:2.8V/3.4V/3.8V
Charging Port: USB-C & Threaded charging port
Resistance: ≥0.8Ω

pen batteries transparent 1


Press 5 times to switch the device on and off, and the gear light will turn on (or off) after 1 second, without automatic shutdown function.
OSD:The screen displays the current power and current gear when the device is powered on. If there is no operation in 10 seconds, the screen will turn off and enter the standby state.



Press 2 times in 1.5 seconds to start automatic mode and smoking.  Colorful breathing light prompts automatic smoking. 1.8V preheat for 15 seconds, stop preheating during any operation.
OSD:The screen will display the letters of the current power and gear when preheating, in the meantime, the flame indicator flashes. The flame lamp will be extinguished after finishing preheating. When the power and current gear light keep blinking for 10 seconds, the screen will be turned off without any operation.



Press 3 times to shift the gear (factory default blue light) within 1.5 seconds, and the corresponding color light flashes 3 times.
2.8V--green light flash 3 times, "L" stands for 2.8V
3.4V--blue light flash 3 times, "M" stands for 3.4V
4.0V--red light flash 3 times, “H” stands for 4.0V



The charging current of USB port:5V-400mA with overvoltage protection. Smoking is supported during charging.
The charging current of threaded port:4.2V-400mA white light blinks 3times,Smoking is supported during charging.
Both thread and USB port will turn lamp when reach to 4.17V.